Behind the scenes of G.I. Joe – Marvel Licensing

Bob Prupis points to early G.I. Joe product in this spring 1982 "Marvel Update"

Here’s a fun bit of paperwork.  When Hasbro relaunched G.I. Joe in 1982, the company rolled out the new toys with an impressive list of licensed products.  This is common today, but was not then.  As Marvel Comics was already handling the biggest license — a comic book — and had a licensing division, it made sense to partner in this way, so that Marvel could line up all those third-party companies wanting to put G.I. Joe on their consumer products.  Here’s a slick trumpeting that fact.  Only pages 3-4 are germane, but I’ve reproduced 1 and 2 as well since they’re fun, and since Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is a cousin to the G.I. Joe cartoon.  (Pages 5-8 of this catalog are not reproduced here.)

"Marvel Update" spring 1982 pg1"Marvel Update" spring 1982 pg 2

"Marvel Update" spring 1982 pgs 3 & 4

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