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Behind the scenes of G.I. Joe – Dorman Ice Viper

My book can’t contain all the sketches, drawings, paintings, designs, photos, and layouts that went into making even a single G.I. Joe toy product.  But what it aims to do is present a juicy slice of that material, much of it never seen publicly, and to put it in context.  Today’s image has been seen publicly, posted at HissTank two years back, but as a slightly fuzzy, cropped photo rather than a crisp scan.  So today I present to you Dave Dorman’s stunning 1986 presentation painting for the 1987 Cobra Ice Viper figure.

Dorman is best known for his Star Wars book and comic book cover art, but was freelancing for Hasbro in the mid-1980s.  In addition to these internal presentation paintings — a different category than the painted art seen on the final G.I. Joe toy packaging — Dorman also did covers for the Lorimar-published G.I. Joe Magazine that ran from ’87 to ’88.  A recent coffee table book published by Desperado through IDW, Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman, features a few pages of G.I. Joe art.


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