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Podcast: Talking Joes

I thought I was going to milk two blog posts out of this, but Part 1 and Part 2 were posted online in rapid succession!

This past weekend I spend a lovely two hours and 40 minutes speaking with Mark of the Talking Joe podcast. Under normal conditions the show is doing a weekly review of the IDW comic books a few issues at a time, but this was a special one-off (two-off — we talked for so long Mark cut the recording into two portions) wherein I spoke generally about the approach to my book, explained the timeline, answered a few silly G.I. Joe “trivia” questions, and we went back and forth with what makes the Real American Hero comics, toys, and cartoons special. Thanks to Mark (and co-host Chief in absentia!) for inviting me and letting me go on and on. Part One is more about writing my book, and Part Two is meandering-in-a-good-way about G.I. Joe in general.

TALKING JOE is available at all of your normal podcast places but if some links to stream-play or to download would be helpful, I am happy to oblige, first up with Spotify, and iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher further down:

PART ONE on Spotify

PART TWO on Spotify

iTunes: Talking Joe/Tim Finn Pt 1 and also Part 2 (And in case those links ever stop working: Talking Joe at iTunes and look for 22 Dec 2020.)

Podbean: Talking Joe/Tim Finn Pt 1 and also Part 2 (And in case those links ever stop working: Talking Joe at Podbean and look for 2020-12-22.)

Stitcher: Talking Joe/Tim Finn Pt 1 and also Part 2 (And in case those links ever stop working: Talking Joe at Stitcher.)

As of this writing, I’ve only (re)listened to most of the first part (I was there, so I’m uncertain if listening to my own interview is navel-gazing), but I want to assure you all that I know who Sub-Zero is and that I won’t ever blank on a Joe’s codename!

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Remembering Hector Garrido

Sad news from the world of G.I. Joe.

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New posts this week!

Toxo Viper Tim Finn

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November 3, 2015 · 2:35 PM

JoeCon ’14 – the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention report

Tim Finn GI Joe Convention

Last weekend was the official 2014 G.I. Joe Convention, an annual event organized by Fun Publications.  FunPub runs the official G.I. Joe fan club, and running a convention (two, actually) for nitpicky toy fiends is a thankless job.  Despite the fact that I’m writing this book and I’m a G.I. Joe crazy person, this was only my second JoeCon, though I kept reminding people I’ve attended like 16 BotCons (the Transformers convention, including the first one, where I was the youngest pre-registrant, because I was a Transformers crazy person.)  For those of you familiar with either convention, I’m writing today’s post with a little more general of an audience in mind (hi, Dad), so there might be some obvious facts in here.  For those of you turned off by 3500 words, there’s a picture for every paragraph — almost all are enlargeable — and I’ve divided this post into three sections we’ll call “Friday,” “Saturday,” and “Sunday.”  Also, “Introduction.” Continue reading


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Community, “G.I. Jeff” Review

Community Season 5 Episode 11, “G.I. Jeff” (airdate 04-03-2014)

Community "G.I. Jeff" screencap

If I hadn’t seen any of this series, this special episode would have bounced off me like a lot of G.I. Joe satires (the unfunny Fox ADHD “Cobra’s March Madness Bracket” skit, for one) — they get some things right, some things wrong, and don’t stay with me.  But I’ve seen season 1 of Community, and love it, which helped set the stage for the bigger concept (Jeff Winger is in denial about the parts of his life he doesn’t like) as well as a bunch of smaller jokes (Abed’s codename as “Fourth Wall.”)  In a sentence, this was both a good parody of G.I. Joe as well as a great episode of Community.  That’s a hard balance to strike. Continue reading


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