Toy Ads!

A side project of writing my book, I’ve come across 200 or so vintage 16mm prints of 30- and 60-second toy commercials from roughly 1969 to 1976. They’re being digitized as uncompressed, 1920 x 1080 QuickTimes, with color and sound restored as much as possible — all the prints have faded to a lesser or greater degree (film stock was not great back then), so getting back all of their original color isn’t possible, but they look and sound great so far.


Next year I’m planning to make them all available online, but there’s still a lot of cataloging and processing, much less web-building, to be done. For now, I’ve got as a home base (just a main page there, no content yet — clicking it just leads back here), and I’ll update here and there as work progresses.

If you’re here at ARealAmericanBook! from RTA, G. Wayne Miller‘s links, or general Internet buzz, welcome. I’m 250+ interviews and 18 chapters into a history book on G.I. Joe, and this blog is where I post art that won’t fit in the book, plus updates on writing. Both dedicated Joe fans and general pop culture aficionados will find much here in the way of rarely-seen or never-seen development art from comic books, animation, and of course, toys!