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We’re Back! / URL news

Part 1: Sorry for the long delay, readers!

It’s the same old excuse as every other absence: Teaching and store, and this summer I’ve wanted to work on Chapters 18 and 19 rather than this blog. If you’re concerned that I’m abandoning this site, rest assured, I am not. Five months without a new post is no fun for you, like Shipwreck feeding you an orchard’s worth of apples. In fact, I’ve banked a few posts recently, so every week or so for the rest of the summer you can enjoy some rarely- or never-seen G.I. Joe artwork from the 1980s and ’90s!


Part 2: Exciting web development news! Here’s a small upgrade I’ve been meaning to get around to for at least seven years: is now!


Thanks to UX and web-person Jordyn Bonds, who also fixed my non-G.I. Joe website.

This probably doesn’t affect you, since any old links you’ve posted still work, but it’s less of a mouthful now — “What’s your favorite G.I. Joe blog?”


Let’s all celebrate with this Wifi-Viper (NOT A REAL HASBRO CONCEPT), culled from the ranks of the best Tele-Vipers, as he looks over my WordPress code.

Tim Finn art of invented G.I. Joe figure, Wifi-Viper, to announce a small upgrade in his blog, A Real American Book!

Thanks for your patience! Back to regular posts in a few days!

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Index update – July 2018

Just a quick post that I’ve update the Index, so it’s easy to find the last two years’ worth of blog posts, and everything else that came before.

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A Real American Book! 2017 in Review

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Remembering Gary “Goggles” Head

Gary Goggles Head Tim Finn

Gary Goggles Head was my friend.

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Merrill Hassenfeld Obituary, 1979

Merrill Hassenfeld obit detail

Here’s an item that’s a little different than the art artifacts I usually show…  Continue reading

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G.I. Joe blog update – Feb 2014

Hi all, sorry it’s been quiet.  Busy with school and store.  Three items today.

1) I’m putting the finishing touches on my long-promised film review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  Should be up next week.

2) I’ve finished editing an audio podcast of a completely different film review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  This one’s me in conversation with editor Nick Nadel, and we talk about the Best Buy Blu-Ray Extended Action Cut.  Will post after the text review.

3) A Real American Book is on Twitter!  Follow me @GIJoeBook.  Don’t miss another update!

Thanks for your patience and your readership.  Here is a tiny doodle of Destro.

G.I. Joe sketch of Destro by Tim Finn

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Buy this book – America At War

America at War by Terence T Finn

Here. This is topical since the author is a) my father, and b) the second editor on my G.I. Joe book.

Terence T. Finn worked for NASA and the US Senate.  Later he spent eight years and read 150 of books to bring you America At War.  Each chapter covers one war we’ve fought and ends with a series of questions and answers (Did we have to drop the bomb on Hiroshima?).  Though the cover design makes it look like this is for adult males who watch the History Channel, it’s written for everyone — students, history lovers, lapsed history lovers, and the curious.

Fun fact:  I indirectly gave my dad the idea for the cover design.  My highest and most biased recommendation!  And if you’re in Somerville, MA, you can buy it at my store.

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