Bazooka original dossier by Larry Hama

G.I. Joe Bazooka 1985 dossier Larry Hama teaseYou’ve probably seen this:

G.I. Joe Bazooka 1985 cardback dossier by Larry Hama It’s Bazooka’s 1985 toy cardback dossier, or “command file,” to use the official term.  Many fans know Larry Hama wrote these, so in addition to the monthly adventures from Marvel Comics, Hama was also influencing the Hasbro toys.  But before computers and the internet and .doc files and e-mail attachments, Hama’s originals would have been typewritten and faxed from New York to Pawtucket.  So you may not have seen this:

G.I. Joe Bazooka 1985 cardback original dossier by Larry Hama

You can even see the correction fluid.  (Certain typewriters had a second ribbon in white for fixing typos, many did not.)  This dossier is particularly interesting for Hama’s comment on outdated gear, and has his customary codename suggestions for Hasbro Legal to check.


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4 responses to “Bazooka original dossier by Larry Hama

  1. Tolan

    This prototype info has already been published in Bellomo’s Ultimate guide to G.I.J.oe 2nd ed. If you haven’t checked it out its a decently written guide and a worthwhile read for a Joe fan.

  2. Thanks for the info, Tolan. I should probably get that book. I wonder if the one pictured there is the original or a copy. This one’s definitely the original, so perhaps repeating this here still offers something new.

    • Bellomo’s book mentions the note from Hama, but doesn’t show the actual typewritten dossier, so this is different.

      I wish there was a collection of all the notes and dossier files Hama worked on over the years. I bet that would be fascinating to read.


  3. Jack Colby

    Amazing. All those cool names from Hama to choose from and Hasbro still named him “Bazooka”…

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