Apologies for lack of posts

Sorry for my absence, readers.  The end of school, several events at my comic book store, and the finishing and printing of my new comic have pulled away my attention from the blog.  I’ll start posting regularly very soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy this commission of Flint and the Incredible Hulk I drew Saturday at Boston Comic Con.

Flint and the Incredible Hulk by Tim Finn at Boston Comic Con


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2 responses to “Apologies for lack of posts

  1. Thanks to Ming Doyle, I was pointed to your interview with Dig Boston. Great insights into the current market and recommendations for folks new to comics.

  2. Thanks, De Baisch. Both versions of that interview were pleasant surprises — the online one is almost too long, and l love that nuts and bolts stuff. I owe much of my comic book store know-how to Joel Pollack of Big Planet Comics in MD/DC/VA, and Brian Hibbs of San Francisco’s Comix Experience for his long-running “Tilting at Windmills” column. Hmm, maybe IDW should get Ming to do a cover!

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