Apologies for lack of posts

Tim Finn, with help from Cobra Commander and Duke, apologizes for his lack of G.I. Joe blog posts

The truth is that having a blog is intimidating.  I want to post every week, twice a week, three times even, but even the simple ones take time.  And once I get out of the habit of posting regularly, it’s easy to stay out of the habit.  But now I’m getting back in the habit, so upcoming you’ll get my “Retaliation” review (saw the film a second time last week, brought a flashlight and took notes), more glacially slow chapters in the saga of my college internship at Sunbow, and art art art.

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One response to “Apologies for lack of posts

  1. No worries, Tim. I blog as well and it is real easy to kick the habit whenever real life stuff gets in the way. Looking forward to reading again soon!

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