GI Joe Extreme Model Sheets – Iron Klaw

GI Joe Extreme model sheet TEASE

GI Joe Extreme gets a bad rap. That it was a replacement for A Real American Hero at a time when ARAH was aesthetically on the mend is perhaps its biggest perceived infraction. But it had its own aesthetic problems. The toys certainly visually “popped” on toy aisle shelves, but they also were strangely exaggerated. At the time, in 1996, I was partly stunned and mostly disappointed. The show lacked the personality of the ’80s Sunbow G.I. Joe animated series, and the toy looked like a misfire at a time when whatever-G.I. Joe-was-going-to-be needed to hit the bullseye. Looking back, the show ages pretty well because the writing was strong, and with a story arc over a season or two, the animated GI Joe Extreme did something no G.I. Joe show had done before. I also thought the secret identity for the villain, Iron Klaw, was a nice touch even it pushed Extreme more into the super-hero territory it was competing with.

Musings aside, here are the model sheets, front pose only, and photocopies, not originals, of Von Rani and Iron Klaw. Unsigned, so based on the show’s end credits I would attribute these to Carlos Huante, Keith Matz, or Roy Burdine. Oh, and I added the color to the teaser image above just to grab your attention.

GI Joe Extreme model sheet Von Rani

GI Joe Extreme model sheet Iron KlawWhat do you think of Iron Klaw?


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2 responses to “GI Joe Extreme Model Sheets – Iron Klaw

  1. Nate

    Based on these artist renderings, I would have said that these characters could have lived in the same world as Batman: The Animated Series. I never watched the show. But now that I’m thinking about it, what if a G.I.Joe story–even if it had been G.I.Joe Extreme–were to use the same motifs (visually, conceptually) as B:TAS? I think someone needs to start a Kickstarter campaign and make that happen.

    Tim, I was thinking about you and your book this weekend–when are we gonna see this bad boy published?! I know I’ve been following your story for two years already, and I know you had already began your crusade long before I got on board! 🙂

    • I agree that a simplified, stylized Joe would look great. It’s interesting that it has tended towards more detail and more realism in proportions. But “Renegades” is a big step away from the Sunbow show, and even the DIC episodes have some simplification from the Sunbow designs, so we do have some kind of range.

      As for me and finishing, I appreciate your patience and support. I have two other jobs, so there isn’t book time every day. And though it’s not visible, I’ve made a lot of progress in the last two years, revising later chapters and unearthing stuff to add to early chapters. Also, another ten interviews. If things keep going at this rate, I might finish in 6 months, but finishing the writing and publishing the object are two different things.

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