Now Co-Hosting Talking Joe podcast

After my big interview with Mark “Funky Bunch” for a special episode of Talking Joe (between episodes 103 and 104, December 2020), Mark told me that the podcast was at a crossroads. After two years of hard work, founder Chief Stride was retiring, and Mark was considering a change in format or was a looking for a new co-host. And would I be interested? I’ll go into this more in a week or two in my big A Real American Book! year-in-review post, but the answer turned out to be yes.

Our first episode, wherein we talk about issue #276 of the monthly new G.I. Joe comic book series is already up — here’s it at iTunes, plus the iTunes extra 23-minute episode because we went long, Spotify and the extra episode there, and Podbean and the extra episode there. Tomorrow the next episode arrives, wherein Mark and I are joined by every-other-episode new co-co-host Jay as we talk about the first Devil’s Due Press issue of G.I. Joe from 2001 — [EDIT: links added] iTunes here / Spotify here / Podbean here. Then a week later, Mark and I will talk issue #277.

Schedule-wise, we’ll alternate between the current IDW Publishing run (that continues the Marvel Comics run from 1982 to 1994) with Mark and myself and the DDP from the aughts with all three of us.

Issue 276, issue 277, issue 1, episode 110, episode 110 part 2, 1994 and 2000 — is this too many numerals for you?

The main Talking Joe web page is here, all cleanly laid out for you.

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