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Remembering Hector Garrido

Sad news from the world of G.I. Joe.

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Behind the Scenes – Law blister card

G.I. Joe 1987 Law blister card close-up

Something simple today:  A blister card front sample for 1987 Law.  No blister, no figure, no accessories.

I’m attributing the artwork to Hector Garrido.

G.I. Joe 1987 Law blister card

Many fans know Law was sculpted to resemble Kirk Bozigian, number 2 marketer for G.I. Joe when it relaunched in 1982.  In fact, several figures from the whole ’82-’94 span resemble Hasbro employees, but it was much less often that the package paintings did.  I can’t find my Law figure, so that’s why there’s no accompanying photo today, but the toy does match the person, and in this case, the painting appears to as well.


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Behind the scenes of G.I. Joe – Rock-Viper

Today’s post reveals some development artwork for the 1990 Cobra Rock-Viper.  First, a not-great photo by me of the production toy to serve as a baseline for all you casual fans.

Interesting to note this Cobra soldier, of which there were many (rather than a specific individual like Destro or Gristle) has a moustache.  So I guess graduates from training school had a facial hair requirement?

First up is Dave Hasle’s sculpt input drawing for the Rock-Viper’s backpack:

A black and white photocopy (probably of a color photocopy and not a chrome) of Dave Dorman’s internal presentation painting:

Note above and below there’s no moustache.  Here’s the pencil sketch of what will become the final package painting.  I’m attributing this to Hector Garrido:

Here’s the almost complete layout of the cart front and back, in b+w photocopy form, with Garrido’s drawing now a finished painting:

I don’t have a color copy of the painting or a full blister card (any readers want to help?) so this cropped close-up from my dossier and the tiny back-of-package thumbnail of Garrido’s final painting will have to do for comparison.

If you didn’t read this above, check it out here.  Dossier writer Larry Hama’s sense of humor on display.


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