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Toxo Viper Tim Finn

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November 3, 2015 · 2:35 PM

Toxo-Viper v2 presentation sketch and comp

Detail of Kurt Groen 1991 Toxo-Viper v2 color comp

In 1986 Hasbro revised the generic Cobra Soldier, the anonymous man in a dark blue cloth uniform, as the Cobra Viper.  The basic Viper is far from basic.  He has knee-high books, a beefy backpack, body armor, a bigger machine gun, and a silvery face mask that resembles Cobra Commander’s.  In every way the Viper is more aggressive and cooler than the 1982 Cobra Soldier.  A brilliant idea that followed a year later was to use the name “Viper” as a base, and connect it to a variety of prefixes that denote specific types of Cobra troopers — Strato-Vipers are pilots, Frag-Vipers are grenade-lobbing specialists, Astro-Vipers are, um, astronauts.  And on.

1988 saw a strange debut:  Toxo-Viper.  (Click that link for a photo in a new window.)  The garish color scheme and alien-looking helmet were seemingly not a good fit for G.I. Joe, but the concept, a soldier suited for hostile environments (fuel spills, chemical weapons) was sound.  And the Toxo-Viper had a counterpart on G.I. Joe, the 1985 figure Airtight.  In 1991, with environmental awareness on the rise, Hasbro introduced an entire sub-line of toxic waste spreaders and fighters, the extra garish Eco-Warriors.  Toxo-Viper got a redesign:

Kurt Groen 1991 Toxo-Viper v2 pencil artKurt Groen 1991 Toxo-Viper v2 color sketch

The above pencil art and marker art are by figure designer Kurt Groen.  Here’s a detail, color added in marker to a photocopy of the pencil art:

Kurt Groen 1991 Toxo-Viper v2 color sketch detail

The next step would have been a larger, slightly more polished marker drawing.

I’ve always found the Toxo-Viper version 2 to be oddly restrained compared to version 1.  Waist-down it’s underdetailed and undersculpted, and the helmet is much less interesting, (although at least it doesn’t look like an alien).  I suppose time and money were diverted to version 2’s water-shooting canon and color-change feature.  I’ve never owned this figure, so I don’t have one to photograph, but here’s a picture at yojoe.

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