Behind the Scenes of G.I. Joe – Cobra concept art, 1990

Kurt Groen unproduced G.I. Joe Cobra marker sketch dated 1990

For every figure that made it into the line, dozens  were proposed as concepts and sketches.  Here’s a color marker comp (ink on a photocopy of pencil art) by Kurt Groen of an unproduced Cobra  soldier — likely some kind of Viper — from spring of  1990.  I’m not sure if this character made it into three dimensions, but I doubt it.  Click for a slightly larger image:

Unproduced G.I. Joe Cobra marker sketch by Kurt Groen dated 1990

Subtly refining the art and adding a touch of detail, Groen redrew this as a finished color presentation “painting,” but by the time he was involved with the brand the toy development process dictated the internal presentation paintings no longer be painted.  The final art, not pictured, looks just about the same as the rough, above.

Presumably this character was initially pitched for the 1992 product line.


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12 responses to “Behind the Scenes of G.I. Joe – Cobra concept art, 1990

  1. That helmet looks a lot like Cesspool (1991 figure); I wonder if it was a pre-design or alternate?

  2. I doubt its a Cesspool concept as he was designed based on a Hasbro Europe staff member

  3. Sean C

    Body design looks familiar. Helmet is definately what was given to Cesspool. Not surprising that unused elements were reassigned.

  4. Nate

    Color-ation (made up word, I’m sorry Tim) makes it look like it could have been intended for a Python Patrol member. Just sayin’.

  5. Looks to me like a design for Brazil’s Flying Scorpion, so I wonder if that figure was based on this design.
    I like this design and may have to make a custom of it!

    • I’m not up on my international Joes, so I appreciate your response. I’ll mosey over to yojoe and take a look.

      • Jogunwarrior

        Check out the Elscorpio Voador…at least I think that’s how you spell it. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I really love these unproduced designs! Keep them coming!

  6. Jerry

    Looks like a Battle Corps Outback, recolored and fitted with a Cesspool helmet.

    • Hm, yes it does. Though I think that’s more down to coincidence, but thanks for pointing out what was rattling around in the back of my head, unfound. I knew it reminded me of something.

  7. Was Scrap Iron already designed at this point? Otherwise this looks like it could be an unused alternate concept for him.

  8. Dan Pinegar

    Great art – not many folks have seen some of these.

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