Eco-Warriors Pirate Oil Baron

Unproduced Eco-Warriors Pirate Oil Baron detail by Kurt Groen

Before Cesspool became the lead villain for Cobra’s half of the 1991 Eco-Warriors subset, Kurt Groen pitched this unnamed character, a pirate oil baron.

Unproduced Eco-Warriors Pirate Oil Baron pencil art by Kurt Groen

I’m not sure what he’s dropping, something with a Joe logo — a pouch?  Spirit’s ponytail?  Later, when Groen colored this, he added a backpack with an oil-shooting weapon, looking ahead to the water-squirting weapons that each Eco-Warrior came packaged with.


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3 responses to “Eco-Warriors Pirate Oil Baron

  1. JMM

    Interesting. He looks like he’d have been a perfect second Zanzibar action figure.

  2. NegaT

    Wow. Never heard of this guy. What is he dropping? I was gonna say “banana peel”, but it does have the Joe logo on it.

    Thanks, btw, for using reasonable watermarks on images. I’m tired of seeing excessive and obtrusive watermarks on images.

    • If Alpine carries around a G.I. Joe credit card, surely a Cobra agent that doesn’t exist can carry around G.I. Joe(TM) brand bananas. I would totally buy such an issue of Special Missions. Recondo leading a team back to take back the plantation after… hm… Voltar and some Iron Grenadiers claim it? You’re welcome about the watermarks.

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