Unproduced – Dave Dorman Dreadnok


As previously mentioned here, in the mid-’80s freelance artist Dave Dorman painted fully rendered presentation pieces of characters already sketched out by figure designer Ron Rudat.  These were internal-only to Hasbro, and not intended as package art or for public consumption.  Even at this stage, a Joe or Cobra could still get nixed.  From 1986, here is an idea for a Dreadnok that didn’t make it further.  Note the misspelled name.

Dave Dorman Unproduced GI Joe Dreadnok 1

I’m not sure what that weapon is on the left.  If you know, please reply in the comments.  Dave Dorman’s art book has this and seven more presentation paintings, his “G.I. Joe: Frontline” covers, along with a chunk of Star Wars art and the like.

There’s some nice texture in the paint on the tree, click to enlarge:

Dave Dorman Unproduced GI Joe Dreadnok paintingWhat would you have named this villain?


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6 responses to “Unproduced – Dave Dorman Dreadnok

  1. Pravo Ratti

    Proudfoot? Scalper? Screaming Eagle? Anti-Spirit?

    He’s definately an American Indian character. That’s probably why he didn’t make the cut. A native american bad guy would’ve been controversial even in 86.

    • Rod

      An action figure villain called “Scalper” would be AWESOME. And it wouldn’t require a native american connection. I can see a file card written in Larry Hama style for the character already 😀

  2. Looking at Tolan’s link, I would have gone with Warpath. Hasbro was already using it for Transformers years before Marvel debuted their X-Force series. Besides, “Injun Joe” wouldn’t have sounded pc at all.

  3. The firearm the character’s holding, along with the Mohawk of course, is reminiscent of the one Vernon Wells uses in Weird Science. Plus, he had the war-paint too like this Dreanok.

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