1992 Duke alternate colors

Detail of 1992 G.I. Joe Duke art by Kurt Groen in alternate colors

Here’s Kurt Groen’s presentation art (marker over photocopy, not paint) for 1992 Duke in green, brown, and black, as opposed to the beige and red that made it to market.

1992 G.I. Joe Duke art by Kurt Groen in alternate colors

What other colors might that trash can have been?


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6 responses to “1992 Duke alternate colors

  1. I kind of like this version better. It harkens back to the Original Thirteen, fits in nicely with them, and would have made for a great homage/update figure given that 1992 was the line’s tenth anniversary.

  2. Why didn’t they go with this? WHY???

  3. Excellent! Nicely reminiscent of the 2000 update: http://www.yojoe.com/action/00/duke8.shtml

    I wonder if that update was inspired by this?

  4. Very cool. I always wished he was released in the tan colors but with brown instead of the read. This looks cool also.

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