Star Brigade Cobra Commander by Ron Rudat

Star Brigade Cobra Commander detail, drawn by Ron Rudat, colored just for this blog by Tim Finn

While Ron Rudat is best known for designing the G.I. Joe figure line (and a few vehicles) from 1981 to about 1987 (for the ’82 to about-the-’88 lines), what’s less well known is that he continued to contribute after that.  Case in point, Star Bridgade Cobra Commander.  Remember when Cobra Commander was an astronaut?  You don’t?  Oh, that’s because you perhaps stopped paying attention to the Real American Hero line before its end in 1994.  Well, to catch you up, those final two years had a bunch of favorites (Duke, Roadblock, Destro) in astro-gear.  And some aliens.  (A topic for another day).  Anyhoo, full disclosure, I added the color above.  Today’s art is a black and white photocopy.

You can get a better look at CC in all his purple and blue and suction cupped glory here at yojoe.

Rudat’s line art.  Click to enlarge.

1994 Star Brigade Cobra Commander drawn by Ron Rudat


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3 responses to “Star Brigade Cobra Commander by Ron Rudat

  1. Wow, I wasn’t aware that Ron had done work for the G.I. Joe line in the 90’s. It’s very much in tune with the style of the time popularized by Image Comics. Ron is truly a versatile, multifaceted artist!

  2. NegaT

    That original design looks sort of Cobra-La esque. The released version, more ALIEN-inspired.

  3. Jonah

    Wow, that art is amazing. The SB Cobra Commander is one of my favorite designs from the latter years of the line!!

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