Ron Rudat Recondo Presentation Art

Recondo resentation art Ron Rudat

Sorry for the time off.  Aaaaaand we’re back!  With something simple, yet iconic, today.  Ron Rudat’s presentation art for the 1984 Recondo figure, drawn in 1983.  Ron designed the first seven or so years of figures, the sketches that turned into the sculpt input drawings, and for the first few years, he did the internal presentation work as well.  This is a color photocopy, not the original.

Recondo resentation art Ron Rudat 1983


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3 responses to “Ron Rudat Recondo Presentation Art

  1. Clutch

    That’s quite a gem! I think the switch from a boonie to Australian slouch hat was a definite improvement, though. Recondo wouldn’t be the same without it and it’s what first sold me on the figure thirty years ago.

  2. JMM

    I’m so used to that final design that this original hat just seems so wrong. The “right” hat adds so much style to to the character.

  3. Agreed. It’s such a small thing that becomes a big one when missing. Somewhere I’ve got a corrected drawing for the turnaround showing the hat as we know it.

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