B.A.T. Concepts (#1) by Ron Rudat


Ron Rudat was Hasbro’s G.I. Joe figure designer for the first seven or so years. This drawing likely dates to 1984 or 1985, as it’s Rudat figuring out the look of the B.A.T., Cobra’s Battle Android Trooper, for 1986. Here’s a reminder of how the B.A.T. turned out:


Here’s one of several Rudat concepts. I’ll post more over the next week or two, and then follow that with some color studies. (And then I’ll post about JoeCon in Chattanooga. If you’re hungry for G.I. Joe convention coverage, I encourage you to check out my lengthy write-up of HASCON 2017.) Anyhoo, here’s what (only for my own sense of organization) I’m calling B.A.T. Concept #1:


Much more human. It’s a cyborg, not a robot. We’ll see some push and pull in that regard with follow-up posts.

What do you think of Hasbro’s 1986 G.I. Joe B.A.T.?


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2 responses to “B.A.T. Concepts (#1) by Ron Rudat

  1. The part-human concept actually seemed to make it pretty far. Check the elbows on that card art.

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