We’re Back! / URL news

Part 1: Sorry for the long delay, readers!

It’s the same old excuse as every other absence: Teaching and store, and this summer I’ve wanted to work on Chapters 18 and 19 rather than this blog. If you’re concerned that I’m abandoning this site, rest assured, I am not. Five months without a new post is no fun for you, like Shipwreck feeding you an orchard’s worth of apples. In fact, I’ve banked a few posts recently, so every week or so for the rest of the summer you can enjoy some rarely- or never-seen G.I. Joe artwork from the 1980s and ’90s!


Part 2: Exciting web development news! Here’s a small upgrade I’ve been meaning to get around to for at least seven years:

arealamericanbook.wordpress.com is now



Thanks to UX and web-person Jordyn Bonds, who also fixed my non-G.I. Joe website.

This probably doesn’t affect you, since any old links you’ve posted still work, but it’s less of a mouthful now — “What’s your favorite G.I. Joe blog?”


Let’s all celebrate with this Wifi-Viper (NOT A REAL HASBRO CONCEPT), culled from the ranks of the best Tele-Vipers, as he looks over my WordPress code.

Tim Finn art of invented G.I. Joe figure, Wifi-Viper, to announce a small upgrade in his blog, A Real American Book!

Thanks for your patience! Back to regular posts in a few days!

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