Cobrember 2020 part 1

You may have heard of the internet drawing theme Inktober, wherein illustrators and hobbyists create one black and white ink drawing per day in the month of October. Some enterprising fan coined “Joevember,” where each day artists post a drawing of a G.I. Joe character. I’ve long wanted to try out one of these challenges, or 24 Hour Comic Book Day or Hourly Comic Day for that matter, but it’s always tough to find the time and the mental steel. But I had a big creative push eight weeks back related to my comic shop, some comedy I’m involved in, and this blog. Plus I thought of a funny word — Cobrember, and thus was born one additional personal art project for December 2020: each day a new drawing of a G.I. Joe villain. And because I like color and I like backgrounds, these weren’t just going to be line art, ink-only, spaceless vignettes, or monochrome. These were going to be considered compositions in full color.

I’ve always kept this blog professional — only official Hasbro/Marvel/Sunbow/DIC art and assets, or facts and opinion on such. But it’s also been eight and a half years of blogging, and I do draw (and indeed I have a place on the internet for that), so at long last, I present my own work. Here’s the first third:

Cobrember 2020 part two will be posted here in a week or so, and part three will follow that.

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One response to “Cobrember 2020 part 1

  1. A-Man

    Nice work. Most fan art is Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and Baroness, followed by Destro, Cobra Commander and Lady Jaye. It’s easy to understand why, but I appreciate the more obscure.

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