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Cobrember 2020 part 3

I invented a G.I. Joe internet meme wherein one draws a Cobra character and posts it each day in December. See the 1st through 10th here and 11th through 20th here. I’ve long kept my personal artwork separate from A Real American Book!, but in launching my instagram, this seemed like a good place for building my brand, as it were. Below is the final third of the month. Click to enlarge.

A tip of the hat to friends Dave Yee (gallery here on Facebook) and John Earl (instagram and gallery here on FB) who accepted to Cobrember challenge. A few days into January 2021, I posted this:

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Cobrember 2020 part 2

I drew a Cobra agent or soldier every day in December. It was fun, then it was hard and not fun. But I’m glad I did it. While this blog is only official G.I. Joe toy/animation/comic development art and facts, I’m making a rare exception in posting personal work here. If you missed Part 1, that’s December 1st through 10th, here, and soon I’ll post the final chunk. Click to enlarge.

Part 3 soon.


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Cobrember 2020 part 1

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