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Ron Rudat faces 1981

Ron Rudat 1981_17_TEASE

In May and June of 1981, Ron Rudat was sketching up a storm. We think of the original 13 Joes with their creative reuse of 3 distinct visages, plus unique heads for Stalker, Snake-Eyes, and Scarlett, but what were those faces going to look like in the first place? Today’s blog post is (a photocopy of) a page of Rudat brainstorming faces. Click to enlarge.

Ron Rudat 1981_17_BLOG

What’s even more fun? Rudat drew at least another 7 pages of these! And 4 pages of visors! And 13 pages of helmets! (I should take those in to my students when we get to our Character Design unit in February — “Look! 13 pages of helmets!”)

A lot of work goes into creating an entirely new action figure line from scratch.

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