Toy Trade News – Feb 1982

Toy Trade News, 17 Feb 1982

This industry publication is a fun time capsule because it was published after G.I. Joe debuted at Toy Fair 1982, but before the product really started hitting shelves.

Also interesting are the other articles, which give some context to what else was going on in the biz at the time of Real American Hero’s launch.  Apologies, I don’t have the third page, but the Hasbro stuff is covered on the first two, and I think the third page continuation was just a final paragraph for the “Makers Bet On Military” article.

Toy Trade News, front page, 17 Feb 1982

Toy Trade News, front page, 17 Feb 1982


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2 responses to “Toy Trade News – Feb 1982

  1. Clutch

    Thanks so much for sharing these, it’s such a fascinating read. The early 80’s were an important time for the action figure industry. You have Hasbro rebounding with the G.I. Joe brand after years of stagnation while longtime competitors such as Ideal and Mego were going under for good. Mego’s Eagle Force line provided a lot of inspiration for the second year of Joe product in terms of character design despite failing to catch on like the Joes would end up doing.

    It’s also awesome to see familiar names like Bernie Loomis and Marty Abrams. It truly must have been an exciting time to be working in the biz.

  2. JMM

    It’s of course funny to hear a few quotes from people not thinking more military toys was a good idea. But can’t help but feel bad for Mego and their Eagle Force. What awful timing to put those out at the same time as the new G.I. Joe! The premise of the lines are so similar — did one of the two companies steal the other’s idea? — I’d think Eagle Force could’ve done well without that competition. Imagine if they also were able to have a comic and animated commercials?

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