1988 Repeater turnaround by George Woodbridge

1988 GI Joe Repeater detail

My brother always got the big Joes, the heavy machine gunners. He got Rock ‘n Roll (both!), Roadblock (both!), and later, Salvo. To my delight, I finally “called” a Joe who was beefier, and came with a big weapon — steadi-cam machine gunner, codename: Repeater. Here he is in scale, plastic glory.

1988 Repeater action figure

But you came here for art, not well-disguised photos of my kitchen counter.

George Woodbridge, master illustrator! Did much of the ’88 turnarounds.

1988 Repeater turnaround Woodbridge

Mark Pennington, a big part of the Joe team at Hasbro. Did much of the ’88 accessories. And ’88 figures. (Later inked a lot of “X-Men.”)

1988 Repeater backpack PenningtonAnd that wonderous weapon!

1988 Repeater steadicam Pennington


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4 responses to “1988 Repeater turnaround by George Woodbridge

  1. N3553R

    Never seen a ‘turnaround’ figure sculpture sheet before. Didn’t know such a thing existed. Awesome! Such detail.

    • Indeed, all the detail that the sculptors were to include were on these wonderful drawings, and here or there something would be drawn that had to be adapted for three dimensions, like a dagger on an ankle or a breast drawn as straight, but sculpted to be molded to that body form. Do a word search for “turnarond” or click the “G.I. Joe turnarounds” at the bottom of the blog entry (above your comment) to see the others I’ve posted!

  2. Nate

    Hey, Tim! Long time, no update! What new and exciting stuff do you have for us? I just backed a project on Kickstarter over the weekend that declares to be the definitive piece on the inspiration and origins of ARAH character and vehicle concepts, art, and designs, but I’m eagerly awaiting news of a start date for your production which I think will blow this other one out of the water (or sky) when it’s finally done!

    • Indeed, Nate, your nudge coincides with the end of a very busy month, so new and exciting stuff resumes — comic art, toy art, show art. I backed that Kickstarter as well, and am looking forward to the book that will result. It’s quite different from my own book, and both can co-exist in fandom. I contributed an image or two, actually.

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